Monday, April 16, 2012

A few YW activity ideas

Our YW group will be combining with another ward or 2 in a few weeks, and I wanted to gather a list of fun activities for the girls to do.

Scripture Dodgeball - You divide into teams and play dodgeball. As they get out they have to answer a question about the gospel, whether its church, scripture, past prophets, anything. When they get one right they can go back in.

Missionary Tag-In this game there must be an even number of players. Everyone (except for the "runner" and the "chaser") find a partner and link elbows the partners place their free hand on their hips so their free elbow sticks out. The Chaser tries to tag the runner. The runner is safe if he links with a someone. When the runner links on to someone, that persons partner (the person on the other side, must un-link and becomes the runner. Once a runner is tagged, they become the chaser.