Thursday, July 17, 2014

Estes SureMove Review

We recently moved all the way across the country with a 2 year old and a 6 week old. As such, we did not want to have to split drivers between a U-haul truck and the car we were bringing, and we certainly couldn't fit all of us in to the truck. Also, our funds were limited, so we wanted to do this move as cheaply as possible. We had some friends recommend Estes SureMove, and it turned out to be a great solution for us.
With Estes SureMove, you pack the front end of an empty 28 foot trailer and take up as much room as you need. You are charged by the foot, so the less room you take up the less money you spend. They park the truck trailer at your home and you have 3 days to load it up. Since we personally couldn't leave the trailer over night at our apartment, we packed everything up in just one day and the trailer was picked up that evening. Then you put up a partition and the rest of the truck is filled with commercial cargo. A driver takes the trailer to your new destination, dropping his commercial cargo along the way, and the same thing happens there: you have 3 days to unload your goods. Again, we did it all in one afternoon and the trailer was picked up that evening.

We were pleased with Estes SureMove. It wasn't perfect, but for the price it worked for us. Their customer service was pretty good, They explained everything well, and accommodated our needs (regarding trailer drop off and pick up location and times).

Our main complaint was that the trailer was really dirty on the inside, so anything touching the floor and some of the walls got really dirty, which then got our carpet dirty in our new place. Not so great. If you can, lay down some tarps or something on the floor to help prevent this.

Also, make sure you pack everything really well. Things get bumped around a lot in the trailer apparently. A few pieces of furniture that weren't covered with blankets got scratched due to the things on top moving around. But if you are a careful packer, you should have no problems.

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