Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Scrubbing Bubbles Mega Shower Foamer

The floor of our bathtub has a unique texture that I have the hardest time cleaning. I tried several different products and different methods of scrubbing, even leaving the tub full of bleach for hours, but nothing seemed to work, and the tub just kept getting dirtier down in those little crevices. But one day I came across a coupon and saw this product in the store, and decided to give it a go. Boy am I glad I did. I LOVE this product! It is the only thing I have found that gets my bathtub clean. It took a few times to get the tub all the way clean, but was seeing results the first time I used it and every time thereafter. Not only does it do an awesome job of cleaning, it protects the tub for 4 days (so says the label). It is also super easy to use, there is no scrubbing involved. You just have to spray it on, let it sit, and wipe it away. I don't think I could ask for anything better.

Just a little warning though: the first few times I used this, I sprayed my whole shower, which was an easy way to clean it. However, my first can of this was gone after about the 3rd use. With my second can, I have only been using it on the tub and a few other tough spots, and then using my other bathroom cleaners for the shower walls. This method is making my can of foamer last much, much longer.

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